Stardust Natural Soy Candles 11oz and 8oz

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"And now the purple dusk of twilight time, steals across the meadows of my heart..."

Stardust... a reverie, a verse within a candle. Earthy cedar-wood essential oil is lifted by bergamot, jasmine notes and balanced with geranium and subtle oak yielding a soft, ethereal fragrance. 

There are those quiet moments when our memories of people and times in our past, squeeze at our hearts. All at once we remember, we miss.. we reflect. It's at these times that I'm reminded to be grateful for the blessing of what was - and to be thankful for all I have today.

Star Dust was our grandparent's wedding song. My father played this melody on the piano, and taught me as well. It's the only song, remedial as it may be, in my limited repertoire today. On my wedding day, it was to this song that I danced with my father, the sweetest guy around. The lyrics are softly yearning and reflective.

Years after my wedding - but never enough years, as our father's days on earth were ending, I walked into an antique shop lost in my thoughts of impending loss. I spotted a pile of dusty records on the floor, reached my hand in only to slide out a Victor vinyl, a Star Dust album performed by Artie Shaw & his orchestra. Our father's name was Victor and here was our song. In this improbable moment I knew my father was connecting with me in a powerful, spiritual way and even in my sadness, I found immense comfort.