Cricklewood Gardens - Our Story

Jul 22, 2020

Emotions and memories are often triggered by sounds and scents, by trinkets that call us back to another time. Cricklewood is all about nostalgia. We believe gifts should be infused with meaning, and whenever possible, crafted from local, fragrant, earth friendly ingredients. 

Our story began on a beautiful day in 1950 when our parent's held hands while walking home from the Cricklewood Coffee Shoppe, for the first time.  Many of the products in our shop tell the tale of our beloved Joan and Vic, of family, as well as the story of other USA companies and products featured on our sight. 

Cricklewood's Gift & Give program is close to our hearts. The program supports charities through merchandise sales and annual fundraising efforts. Visit our Gift & Give page to learn more. 

We stand by our products and love collaborating with clients who seek unique, special gifts for events, giveaways or home. We work with an array of budgets and timelines. Peruse our website, send us note and most importantly, thank you for stopping by Cricklewood. 

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