Cricklewood Gardens - Our Story

Emotions and memories are often triggered by sounds and scents, by trinkets that call us back to another time. Some people have no time for sentimentality, but the folks at Cricklewood Gardens are all about nostalgia. We believe gifts should be infused with meaning and crafted from fresh, fragrant, earth friendly ingredients. Collaborating with local artisans ensures our gift packages are unique, and memorable. 

Cricklewood Gardens is a boutique gift shoppe.  It is our personalized service, time and attention to detail that set us apart. Whether a customer selects from our [CG] products or partners with Cricklewood to create customized items for a gift, event or brand marketing, the end result will be special.

We’re a new company, bolstered by the past - dedicated to quality and promoting small business USA. Our gift packages and many handcrafted items are made utilizing local resources with a focus on recyclable, renewable materials, whenever possible. Our Gift & Give program and annual fundraising, generate charitable donations. With the help of our good-hearted customers, we can mutually make a difference.  

Our story began on a beautiful day in 1950, when our parent's first held hands on a walk home from the Cricklewood Coffee Shoppe, in South Orange, New Jersey.  Many of our [CG] products tell our family's story and we're here to tell your's too, one gift at a time.

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