Natural Sisal & Soap Scrubs

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Our all-natural reusable sisal exfoliating scrub pouches include 1 [3.5/4.5oz] ounce foil wrapped Cricklewood soap bar.

Wake up at shower time. Our melt & pour soap blends are swirled with moisturizing oils, such as skin friendly argon, jajoba or sweet almond oil and:

Spearmint Tea – Spearmint essential oil, lemon, vanilla bean & local honey
Orange Scrub – Orange & clove essential oils, local honey
Lavender Scrub – Lavender, Spearmint & Tea Tree essential oils, local honey
Coffee Shoppe – Coffee essence, spent grounds, natural & vanilla fragrance
Honey Bee Wildflower – Wildflower & honey essences with local honey

Place one bar in bag at bath time, fully saturate bag and scrub away. Blend promises a creamy froth. Use sisal scrub bag again and again.  Once soaps are spent, replace with Cricklewood's wide variety of options, also, the bags are a great way to use up little soap bits.

Clean bag periodically, as needed or every 2-3 months. Simple sisal cleaning methods available online. Pouch is approximately 5"L, 3"W.