Happy Place Natural Soy Candles 11oz

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Everyone's Happy Place differs. A hammock, a baseball mound...a hike in the mountains or a tropic retreat. Lucky for us, we do not have to settle for a single happy place. Cricklewood's Happy Place candle is inspired by turquoise waters, tropical fruits and warm breezes. Soft scents of guava and melon are balanced by herbal undertones. 

In my late teens I visited St. John's USVI with family and a friend. Each day we awoke at the crack of dawn refreshed and ready to absorb our temporary paradise. Heavenly beaches, meals of fresh fruits and shellfish and breathtaking views, even the goats meandering on the dirt roadways, added to the charm. It was a place so unlike anywhere I had ever been, which at that point, was little more than the suburbs of NJ and NYC. I was in awe of St. Johns and left with a determination to come back, teach art to the local community and live the simplified life of an island girl. 

Though my fork in the road did not take me down the island path, this destination will forever be on the top of my happy place list. 

Candle information:  Cricklewood Gardens' natural soy wax candles are hand-poured and made in the USA.  Did you know natural soy burns about 95% cleaner than petroleum based paraffin wax candles?  Though paraffin might be easier to work with, we feel crafting our candles from vegetable based, non-toxic and renewable resources is the better choice. Be sure to follow our first burn guidelines for a long, smooth burn.  

Subject to local supplier availability, our signature 11oz jar colors will vary from; gold, white, black, rose gold or amber. The Libbey containers we use to pour our 11oz candles are typically 🇺🇸  Made in the USA.