Sandpiper Natural Soy Candles 11oz (White Label)

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A light breeze filled with coconut and a hint of lemon. Buy 3 Cricklewood Candles and enter code: BUY3 at check-out, for 25% off these items. Excludes sale items. 

There are few destinations as relaxing as a beach.  Over many decades, our families have enjoyed lazy seaside days at the Jersey Shore, usually on Long Beach Island.  In our younger years we arrived with our four essentials; towel, chair, lotion and paperback.  We breathed in the ocean air mingled with Bain de Soleil...and yes, even baby oil back in the day.  Warm bodies covered in sand and salt, radiated tropical coconut. When our toes finally burrowed into the sand and icy licks of the great Atlantic swirled around our legs, we would sigh in satisfaction... we were, 'down the shore.'

As years wore on, sounds of quietly turning paperbacks were replaced by squealing children as waves swept in to capture little legs and fill sandcastle motes. By this time lotion SPFs had rightfully ascended...15, 30, 50, as opposed to say 2, but the heady scent of tropical coconut stayed constant. 

Cricklewood Gardens' natural soy wax candles are hand-poured and made in the USA. Did you know natural soy burns about 95% cleaner then petroleum based paraffin wax candles?  Though paraffin might be easier to work with, we feel crafting our candles from vegetable based, non-toxic and renewable resources is the better choice. Be sure to follow our first burn guidelines for a long, smooth burn.  

Subject to local supplier availability, our signature 11oz jar colors will vary from; white, black, champagne, rose gold or amber. Some varieties may also use cobalt blue glass jars. The Libbey containers used to pour our 11oz candles are typically 🇺🇸 Made in the USA.