Candle Fragrances

The following Cricklewood Gardens candle fragrances can be selected wherever special order options have been indicated. In the event fragrance is out of stock, due to seasonality or large volume order(s), customer will be notified at time of order and given projected availability. Upon notification, customer may accept ready date, or select alternate fragrance or cancel order. 

Candle names, fragrance rating, description:


  1. Bentley [Soft-Medium] Lemongrass, citrus
  2. Caramelized Pear [Medium-Strong] Warm Pear, Spices
  3. Cherry Wheat [Strong] Cherry
  4. Cinnamon Scone [Medium-Strong] Sweet Cinnamon, ginger
  5. Clarence [Medium-Strong] Spiced orange, clove
  6. Crickle Cookie [Soft-Medium] Cookie Batter, Sugar
  7. Cricklewood [Soft-Medium] Romantic floral, fruit trees
  8. Hazelnut Latte [Strong] Hazelnut, coffee, vanilla cream
  9. Honey Bee [Soft] Honey, wildflower
  10. Hunterdon [Medium] Daisy, herbs, vanilla bean
  11. Marigold [Medium] Garden herbs
  12. Mint’Floret [Medium] Lavender, sweet mint
  13. Misty Morning [Medium-Strong] Lilac, hyacinth, honeysuckle
  14. Old Fashioned Christmas [Medium] Pine cone, balsam, cinnamon stick
  15. Ole Spice [Medium] Musk, Vanilla, Citrus
  16. Pumpkin Head [Medium] Pumpkin, Cinnamon, Clove
  17. Sandpiper [Medium] Coconut, lemon
  18. Star Spangled Pie [Medium] Apple, cinnamon, spice
  19. Sycamore & Ivy [Medium] Cedarwood, lavender
  20. The Lake [Medium] Lemon verbena, evergreen, spice
  21. The Pond COMING SOON
  22. Winter [Medium] Woodsy pine, balsam, mint