Historic Hunterdon County

Oct 3, 2020

A combination of sweet daisies, herbs and vanilla bean. The Hunterdon candle blends many of the natural fragrances common to this rural and historic county in New Jersey, where our 3 boys were raised.  It's where cicada shells were collected, where Tonka trucks were filled with rocks and pumpkin patches visited by way of hay rides.  It was also where many cups of coffee were absorbed in early mornings rocking little babies and on freezing fields as various sporting events played out. From fall to spring the days, even still, often conclude by a crackling fire.  A little bit of this and a little bit of that memory, went into this uniquely beautiful candle. 

Soy based candles do not use chemicals to enhance their fragrance strength, our scent rating for this candle (but to each his own) is: Medium

Cricklewood Gardens' natural soy wax candles are hand-poured and made in the USA.  Did you know natural soy burns about 95% cleaner than petroleum based paraffin wax candles?  Though paraffin might be easier to work with, we feel crafting our candles from vegetable based, non-toxic and renewable resources is the better choice. Be sure to follow our first burn guidelines for a long, smooth burn. 

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