Pumpkin Head 18oz Soy Candle - Pumpkin Ceramic Jar

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For those spiced pumpkin enthusiasts out there, Cricklewood's Pumpkin Head soy candle, a yumful blend of whipped pumpkin, cinnamon and clove, is an answer to your autumnal prayers. 

Soy based candles do not use chemicals to enhance their fragrance strength, our scent rating for this candle (but to each his own) is: Medium

Cricklewood Gardens' natural soy wax candles are hand-poured and made in the USA. Did you know natural soy burns about 95% cleaner then petroleum based paraffin wax candles?  Though paraffin might be easier to work with, we feel crafting our candles from vegetable based, non-toxic and renewable resources is the better choice. Be sure to follow our first burn guidelines for a long, smooth burn.