Natural Soy Candles, Hand-Poured

Cricklewood Gardens' natural soy candles burn beautifully and clean. Our catalog includes many fragrances, so no matter your preference, there's an option for you. Narrow your search by selecting from our seasonal menu or using our filters to zero in on your favorite scents and preferred candle strength.

Natural soy wax is not enhanced with chemical additives used to impact a candles strength/throw and visual appearance, as is the case with paraffin, petroleum based candles. A candles 'throw' relates to the intensity of its scent.  The throw from natural soy ranges from soft to just strong. In smaller rooms, you may find Cricklewood Candles are more pronounced... and yet still, there are some Cricklewood candles that fill a room with a gentle aroma, even unlit. 

We stock many of our candles, though some may require 48-72 hours for hand-poured production [Monday-Friday], which may impact shipping time.